Saturday Night

Campfire meeting.

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7 PM in Thayne.
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Saturday Night LIVE Campfire meetings

Alpine Group hosts weekly campfire meetings every summer from the 1st Saturday in June through Labor Day. In the event of foul weather- more then scattered rain- We meet in the church at 7 the same as weekdays.


Kids and spouses are welcome, as are friendly dogs. These are open meetings and often go well into the night. Some will opt to camp, there is plenty of room. We usually show up around 6 PM, with the meeting starting around 7. You'll want to provide your own chairs, etc. Campfire coffee always on. Bring a jacket and stay a while!


It will seem like you are getting lost... you're not. We have a secret spot very few know about, At the Long Creek Trailhead. There will be signs pointing the way, but only a couple.

FROM ALPINE JUNCTION: travel North (towards Idaho Falls) from the stop light 1.7 miles. Directly across from the Black Cat fireworks store is a small gravel road to the right. This road is not marked. If you pass Banana's sporting goods, you missed it!

Once on the gravel road (a branch of FS 020) you will come to a fork in the road. GO LEFT and pass by the 4-H camp. Keep going, this road is a dead end and you will find us quickly. From the highway the length of the gravel road is only 1.3 miles. See map below.

We look forward to seeing everyone there!